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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Nov 19, 2005

Season 01
Episode 21
Nov 19, 2005

Siler and Clarc, "Fiddler's Green" from A Little Longer

Jim Hancock, "Kitty O'Toole" from Songs of Love and Other Silly Stuff

Istanpitta, "Alle Psaillite Cum Luya" from Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Mary

Flying Fish Sailors, "The Cat Came Back" from Loch Ness Monster

Cantiga, "The Magick Butterfly" from Once Upon a Time

Craig o'Farrington, "Graehling" from Blue Upon Blue

The Bilge Pumps, "Dark Lady" from Brigands with Big'uns

Ali Benson, "She Moved Thru the Faire"

Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, "The Cat Came Back…The Cat's Perspective" from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers