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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Mar 23, 2011

Music from Circled by Hounds, BOWI, The Jolly Rogers, The Rosewood Guild, Silent Lion, The Dregs, Abby Green, Jesse Linder & Friends, Craig of Farrington, and Gypsy Guerrilla Band Sponsor: ALEP 2: There and Back Again Another "Lord of the ... Continue reading

Mar 14, 2011

Wee Be Soldiers Three by Coyote Run from Pleads the 5th

Wild Rover by Bocca Musica from Goin' South

Rambles of String by The Lost Boys from Heroes and Scoundrels

Panda (The Other White Meat) by The Rogues from 3LBs of Rage

The Soldier's Joy by Sarah Marie Mullen from The Wild Woods

Letters From Sea by Merry Wives of...

Mar 9, 2011

Fiddler's Green by Phillip Hole from The Singing Gravedigger

Heiland Laddie by The Pirates of Rogues Cove from Setting Sail

Vampire Girl from the planet Orn by Emerald Rose from Rants and Rambles

Loreley by Blackmore's Night from Ghost of a Rose

O'er the Way by Brobdingnagian Bards from Songs of the Muse

Sedona Medley...