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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Dec 20, 2014

Music From: The Limey Birds/Nancy Daily-Green/Emerald Rose/Marc Gunn/The Dregs
/The Bilge Pumps/Moat Jumper/Coyote Run/Cast in Bronze/Heather Dale
/Wicked Tinkers/Vince Conaway/Tippler’s Way/Diane Linn/ Maidens III/Fugli/Jesse Linder
/Wine and Alchemy
/Kerridwynn/The Gypsy Guerrilla...

Dec 5, 2014

Music From: Jon Baade / Sirena – Seelie Players / Celtic Mayhem / The Village Idiots / Blackmore’s Night / Cedric’s Overmode/ Siler & Clarc / Bocca Musica / Craig of Farrington / DeCantus/ Mistress Bawd / Boogie Knights Sponsor: Celtic Invasion Vacations Today’s show is brought to you by The Celtic Invasion...