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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Apr 7, 2024

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Ocean Renaissance Foundation

The Ren List

Happy To Be Coloring Pages


The Patrons of the Podcast
Been to the East, Been to the West performed by Arabesque from the album A Turk in Galway

My Brother Silveste (Live) performed by Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings from the album No Bedrolls Or Backpacks

Fathom Of The Bowl performed by Quarter Master Band from the album Quarter Master

Women, Whiskey & War performed by Whiskey Bards from the album Women, Whiskey & War

All Around My Hat[5] performed by Empty Hats from the album Captured

Raging Water performed by Cast in Bronze from the album Best Day Ever

Ship That Never Returned[3] performed by Righteous Blackguards from the album Just The Tip

Wayfaring Stranger[1] performed by Dr. Harmonious Bones from the album Joyful Noise

Maiden of Spring performed by Alexander James Adams from the album A Familiar Promise

Star of the County Down[23] performed by LandLoch'd from the album Good Rum and Bad Sheep

Lanigan's Ball[4] performed by Marc Gunn from the album Soul of a Harper

Blow Ye Winds, Spoot O' Skerry,Turkey In The Straw performed by Water Street Bridge from the album Oh Death

Tam Lin[3] performed by Misfits of Avalon from the album Avalon Moon

A Capitol Ship performed by Bounding Main from the album Lost at Sea - Sea Shanties and Nautical Ballads

Carrot Story performed by Side Tracked from the album Extraordinary

You Fair Spanish Ladies performed by Pyrates Royale from the album Black Jack

Lark in the Morning[5] performed by Langer's Ball from the album Hold Tight

Shadow of the Moon performed by Blackmore's Night from the album Shadow of The Moon

Stingo performed by Harper & Minstrel  from the album The Road To Lindemar

So Early in the Morning performed by Jesse Ferguson from the album Sea Shanties and Whaling Ballads

I Never Will Marry (Or Maybe Not) performed by Shillelagh Law from the album Songs from the Bridge

We're The CRAIC Show performed by The Craic Show from the album Icons

Tzigani - Icons Part 2 performed by The Craic Show from the album Icons

Cloghden More performed by Kilted Kings from the album Name On My Soul

Metsakukia Waltz (Forest Flower Waltz) performed by Roxlovians  from the album A Fiddler in Every Port

Wrecked Again performed by Tippler's Way from the album Let A Light Shine

I Got It From Agnes performed by MenageAMoi from the album Indulgences

Health to the Company[24] performed by Majestic Reign from the album Renaissance Steel

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