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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Dec 24, 2010

"The Limey's 12 Days of Christmas" by The Limeybirds
from All We Want for Christmas

"The Holly and the Ivy" by Vince Conaway
from Hang the Holly

"Turning of the Seasons" by Wine and Alchemy
from Turning of the Seasons

"This Endris Night" by Heather Dale
from This Endris Night

"Winter’s Farewell" by Kerridwynn

Dec 20, 2010

"When I Was A Young Maid" by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman from Choice Faire

"Cyrus in the Moonlight" by Empty Hats from The Hat Came Back

"Tinkers' Rest" by Minstrosity from Why Am I Not Surprised?

"Wintery Queen" by Coyote Run from Between Wick and Flame

"Cyrus in the Moonlight" by the Empty Hats from The Hat...