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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Nov 12, 2023

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Patrons of the Podcast

Happy To Be Coloring Pages

The Ren List


The Gathering performed by Elflore from the album The Gathering

Whiskey In The Jar performed by King's Busketeers from the album Boston To Belfast - The Bedroom Sessions

the Drummer and the Cook performed by DeCantus from the album Tonight We'll Merry Bee

Never Did No Wanderin' performed by Maggie and the Tinker from the album Huh?

Dennis Murphy & John Ryan's Polka Medley performed by Capt'n Tor and the Naer do Well Cads Pirate Invasion from the album Fanny

The Night That Paddy Murphy Died performed by MenageAMoi from the album Raise a Toast

Walkin' the Cinders performed by Cu Dubh from the album Walkn' the Cinders

Maid of Bedlam performed by Silent Lion from the album Into the Medieval World

Drinking Hymn performed by Better Than Nun from the album #NunLyfe

Lilly The Pink performed by Turtle and the Hair from the album On A Rampage

Dog That Bit Ya performed by Rum Fellows from the album Okie Maritime Music-For The Landlocked Pirate

Maggie Mae performed by Pirates Of Rogues Cove from the album Setting Sail

The Veil performed by Shillelagh from the album Evening Pint

The Ranger Of Gonzales performed by Tullamore from the album Two to Get Ready

Rogue performed by Sarah Donner from the album That Is A Pegasus 

The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering, The King Of The Fairies performed by T J Hall & Jeff Ksiazek from the album Éist

The Cat Came Back performed by Flying Fish Sailors from the album Loch Ness Monster

The Autumn Leaf Shuffle performed by Withe & Stone from the album Holiday Traditions

Mandala performed by Circa Paleo from the album Eleven Lives

King Otool And His Goose performed by The Skald's Circle from the album Stories Of Eire CD1

Ships Are Sailing/Islay/Ranter's Reel/Father Kelly's Reel performed by Carolina Ceili  from the album Fifty Shades of Green

The Minguelay Boat Song performed by New Minstrel Revue from the album Far And Away

Beggerman's Waltz performed by Gibbon the Troubador from the album Ode of the Troubadour

Wild Mountain Thyme performed by Rusty Mudd from the album The Darkling Road

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