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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Apr 2, 2023


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

Lady Hath Bustle performed by Daniel Birt from the album Songs of My People

Skye Boat Song performed by Quarter Master Band from the album Quarter Master

Pay Me performed by The Jolly Rogers from the album Midnight Buffet

Smuggler's Song performed by Wakefire from the album Meaning of Life

Rum Diddle Tiddle performed by Ky Hote from the album A Mintrel's Life

Spancil Hill performed by Rusty Mudd from the album The Darkling Road

Katyusha performed by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman from the album Cut To Rhythms

Medieval Medley performed by Saxon Moon from the album Awakening

John Barleycorn performed by Scott Boswell from the album Jug Of Punch

Whiskey and Beer performed by Joni Minstrel from the album Joni Minstrel Kicks the King

Band Of Shearers performed by Fiddler's Tales from the album Duck Feet Waddling

White Orange and Green performed by Whirly Jig from the album Thing A Ma Jig

The Soup Mages performed by Battlelegs from the album The Soup Mages

Reels Medley performed by Cantiga from the album A Timeless Journey

South Australia performed by Poxy Boggards from the album Barley Legal

Dame Fortune performed by Gibbon the Troubador from the album Ode of the Troubadour

Ballad of Ol' Redcoat performed by Pirates For Sail from the album Dark Side of the Lagoon

Black Nag performed by Tulstin Troubadours from the album Rennies of Unusual Sound

Cooper's Rum performed by Ye Banished Privateers from the album First Night Back In Port

The Brutal Zembekiko performed by Vana Mazi from the album Izam Anav

Rosin The Beau performed by Raggle Taggle Gypsies from the album Best Of The Raggle Taggle Gypsies

The Parting Class performed by Tullamore from the album Two to Get Ready


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