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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Jul 20, 2018








  • Although I'm Gone performed by Charley MacGowan from Although I'm Gone
  • Chan Chan performed by Owain Phyfe from Langrias de Sangria



  • The Moat
    • Bartholomew Roberts performed by Siler & Clarc from A Little Longer
    • The Derelict performed by The Skeleton Crew Pirate Band from Mallory & McCall's Rough Draft Sampler



  • Tinkers 'n' Rogues performed by Molly & the Tinker from The Best of Molly & the Tinker vol 1
  • Spanish Ladies performed by The Other Woman from I Want You For Fun and Frivolity and Then I'll Give You Back
  • Drink Boys Drink performed by Gibbon the Troubador from Tillerman's Rye
  • The Banshee performed by Gibbon the Troubador from Ode of the Troubadour
  • Blow the Candles Out performed by The Nightingales from Stone Bridges
  • Rolling of the Stones performed by The Nightingales from Stone Bridges
  • Calidonia performed by Charley MacGowan from Although I'm Gone
  • The Earl of Statten performed by Celtic Stone from Druid Wood
  • Rocky Road to Dublin performed by Minstrels of Mayhem from Rocky Road
  • Pea Soup Fog performed by Keelhauler from Keelhauler
  • Now O Now My Needs Must Part performed by Owain Phyfe from Voice and Vihuela
  • A Health to the Company performed by Terry Griffith from Live recording