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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Jan 21, 2018


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Magazine


The Renaissance Festival Bawdy Show

The Q.U.A.S.O.R. Podcast

The Voyage performed by Terry Griffith from Songs From The Pub

I Will Pass This Way Again performed by Jesse Linder from Ready For the Storm

You Know Nothing, Jahn Snough performed by Dan the Bard from Cross Genre References

The Ship That Never Returned performed by Pandora Celtica from F'n Sharp

Sailor's Prayer performed by Green Man Clan from We Go To Elevenses

Phil The Fluter's Ball performed by Jed Marum from Soul Of A Wanderer

Ride On performed by The Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

It Seems I'll Have To Rescue You performed by Boogie Knights from Hysterically Inaccurate

The Hat Came Back performed by Empty Hats from Released

The Dark Lady performed by Diane Linn (aka: The Bard O'Neal) from Tales of the Trickster

Patreon Songs:

Although I'm Gone performed by Charley MacGowan from Although I'm Gone

Kola Rycerska (Knighthood) performed by Stary Olsa from Kola Rycerska

Call of Spring performed by Maidens IV from Emerald Fire

Earth & Sky performed by Judith Pintar & Barbara "Bodge" Burinski from From Earth to Sky

To hear the extended version with no commercial interruptions go to Patreon

The Moat by Scoundrel's Inn Podcast

Being a Pirate performed by The Pirates Royale from Blackjack

Spanish Ladies performed by Pride of Bedlam from Refit

The Archives by Bob Brinkman

Scene-G performed by Voices on the Darkside from Unusual Scum OST

Scene-H performed by Voices on the Darkside from Unusual Scum OST


Blooper Music by Nathan Deese

The Archives by Bob Brinkman



Pirate Directory for a listing of all things piratical.

The Ren List for a listing of all Renaissance Festivals


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