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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Jun 21, 2017

Unknown Gypsy Dance performed by  E Muzeki, from Sindh

Maid of Bedlam performed by Silent Lion, from Into the Medieval World

Greensleeves performed by Rose Wood Guild, from Forever and a Day

Farmors Polska performed by  Wolgemut, from Momento

Two Magicians performed by Empty Hats, from The Hat Came Back

Down With The French / Hunt The Squirrel performed by Minstrosity from Why Am I Not Surprised?

Ballad of Eilleen Bachendoit performed by Pirate Comedy Show, from Pirate Comedy Show Album

I Never Will Marry (or Maybe Not) performed by Shillelagh Law, from Songs from the Bridge

Johnny Jump Up performed by Queen’s Gambit, from Pawn to King Four

Winter’s Farewell performed by Kerridwynn, from Winter’s Farewell

Our Favourite Pet performed by The Limey Birds from TWEET!

I’ll Tell My Ma performed by Tullamore, from The O'Malley's Session, One for the Road

One for the Road performed by The Jolly Rogers,  from X Marks the Spot

Wild Mountain Thyme performed by Brobdingnagian Bards, from A Faire to Remember

The Faire is Over performed by Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading