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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Jun 21, 2017

Lagan Love performed by Bedlam, from Made In Bedlam

The Bantam Cock performed by Craig o Farrington, from Blue Upon Blue

Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell performed by Minstrel Woode, from Driftewoode

Mr. Buccaneer performed by Howl-O

Roll Your Leg Over performed by Iris and Rose, from Bedtime Stories

Red is the Rose performed by Rose Wood Guild, from Forever and a Day

Maggie Lauder performed by Seelie Court, from The Court Is Now In Session

Back to the Faire performed by The Rogues, from RogueTrip

Roll Me Over in the Clover performed by The Limey Birds, from TWEET!

Ship in Every Port performed by The Jolly Rogers, from X Marks the Spot

Catnipping Green performed by The Dubliner's Tabby Cats, from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, officially released October 25th,

The Faire is Over performed by  Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading