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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Mar 9, 2011

Fiddler's Green by Phillip Hole from The Singing Gravedigger

Heiland Laddie by The Pirates of Rogues Cove from Setting Sail

Vampire Girl from the planet Orn by Emerald Rose from Rants and Rambles

Loreley by Blackmore's Night from Ghost of a Rose

O'er the Way by Brobdingnagian Bards from Songs of the Muse

Sedona Medley by E Muzeki from E Muzeki

Why Paddy's Not at Work Today by Bedlam Bards & Andruss from Barnyard Bedlam: A Cock and Bull Story

Remembranza by Djilia Phralengo from Reliq

Dark Lady by Lark the Harper from Soothing Sounds for Shattered Psyches

The Mary Ellen Carter by Tullamore from The O'Malley's Sessions - One for the Road