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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Jan 29, 2011

The Duncan Johnstone Se" by Wicked Tinkers from Hammered

The Mist Covered Mountains by Henry Martin from On The Salt Sea

Molly Malone/Cockles and Mussels by Moor of Dundee from The Moor of Dundee

The Hairs of Her Dickie Di Doh (LIVE) by Axel the Sot from Bottled Up!

Bonnie Ship The Diamond by Diane Linn from Tales of the Trickster

FEATURE - Interview with Adam "Crack" Winrich

PROMO -Teknikal Diffikulties

Maid In the Shade by The Lost Boys from Heroes & Scoundrels

Silver Sterling by Pandora Celtica from Out Of The Box

Balkan Washerwoman by Water Street Bridge from Hard Times

Whiskey in the Jar by The Village Idiots from Epic Win

Irish Love Songs by The Interpreters from Be Gentle