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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Oct 15, 2014

Music from The Dregs, Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogges, Howl-O, Nancy Daily-Green, Voltaire, Boogie Knights, Marc Gunn, Matt Hughes, Whirly Jig, Three Quarter Ale, Dan Marcotte, Dan the Bard, CrossRogues, Ravens, and Circled By Hounds.

Sponsor: Celtic Invasion Vacations

Today’s show is brought to you by Celtic Invasion Vacations.
Experience new lands with other Celtophiles and Rennies like yourself.
In 2012, you can join Marc Gunn, The Celtfather, in France. You will
discover one of the other great Celtic nations, Brittany, then explore
the countryside of France, drinking wine, hiking through fields of
lavender and carousing in the streets of Paris. All the while, you
will enjoy Marc Gunn’s music up close and personal with intimate
concerts in your own French farmhouse. It’s all part of Marc Gunn’s
next exciting Celtic Invasion Vacation. Sign up to the mailing list
at to learn more details as they become available.


"Zombies in the Shire" by The Dregs
from Angelina Farewell Concert

"Skeleton Crew" by Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogges
from Tales of the Black Dog

"Ghost of Tom" by Howl-O
from Decadence Done Well

"The Devil & the Farmer's Wife" by Nancy Daily-Green
from Silly Songs of the Selkie / Faire Favorites, Vol. 1

"Death Death" by Voltaire
from To the Bottom of the Sea

"Lycanthrope in Love" by Boogie Knights
from Oh, The Horror!

"The Widow and Devil" by Marc Gunn
from Kilted For Her Pleasure

"The Lady Banshee" by Matt Hughes
from One October Night

"The Night Pat Murphy Died" by Whirly Jig
from Thing-A-Ma-Jig

PROMO - Transylvania Television

"All Soul's Night" by Three Quarter Ale
from Three Quarter Ale

"Zombie Apocalypse Love Story" by Dan Marcotte, Dan the Bard
from Bard Camp!

"Leatherwing Bat" by CrossRogues
from The Obligatory Self-Titled Debut

"Smuggler's Song" by Ravens
from Rise With the Moon

"Bloody Hell" by Circled By Hounds
from Howl No Demons Louder