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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Sep 19, 2017


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Magazine

Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival


The Renaissance Festival Bawdy Show

The Q.U.A.S.O.R. Podcast

Being A Pirate performed by Pirates Royale from Blackjack

Pirating The Seas performed by The Bilge Pumps from Brigands with Big'uns

Cape od Girls, Rum Fellows, Okie Maritime Music performed by Rum Fellows from Okie Maritime Music

When I Sail'd performed by Dread Crew of Oddwood from Heavy Mahogany

Talk Like A Pirate performed by Tom Mason from The Blue Buccaneer

Call of the Sea performed by Siren's Song from Starlight & Shadow

Derelict performed by Whiskey Bay Rovers from Shantyman's Folly

Up Boys Up performed by Jolly Rogers from Cutlass, Cannon & Curves

Pirate Heaven performed by Musical Blades from Pieces of Eight

Spanish Ladies performed by Pride O' Bedlam from Refit

Patreon Songs:

Blow Ye Winds performed by Henry Martin from On The Salt Sea

Dark Lady performed by Off Keel from Running At A Slant

The Mermaid performed by LandLoch'd from Good Rum & Bad Sheep

Rollin Down To Old Maui performed by Quarter Master from QuarterMaster

To hear the extended version with no commercial interruptions go to Patreon

The Moat by Scoundrel's Inn Podcast

Pegleg Potion performed by Alestorm from No Grave But The Sea

Johnny Medley performed by Captain Black's Sea Dogs from Tales of the Black Dog


A Moment in History by The Rude Tudors

  • Background Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings

Shakespeare Approves by Willie Shakespeare

Blooper Music by Nathan Deese

The Archives by Bob Brinkman

The Moat by Scoundrels Inn

Joe on the Road by Joe Haydu



Pirate Directory for a listing of all things piratical.

The Ren List for a listing of all Renaissance Festivals


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