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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Apr 17, 2023


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

Hail To The Heroes performed by Albannach from the album Bareknucle Pipes and Drums

The Foggy Dew performed by Lady Prudence from the album All's Faire

Ringa Dinga Da performed by Dianne Linn from the album Bard of the Mountain

20,000 Rubber Duckies performed by Henry Martin from the album Around the Bay

Scarborough Fair performed by Kindred Spirits from the album Dispelling All Woes

Riddles Wisely Expounded performed by A Minstrel Meets a Harper from the album A Minstrel Meets A Harper

Drynk of Choice performed by Bocca Musica from the album Finally Legal (Live)

Drunken Sailor performed by Cast in Bronze from the album Spirit of the Bells

Johnny Medley performed by Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs from the album Tales of the Black Dog

The Dark Lady performed by Cheeks and Phoenix from the album Any Requests

Happy Man performed by Jon Baade from the album Cliche

Johnny Jump Up performed by Master 'Bones' Jangle and the Voodoo Island Cannibals from the album Lots O' Booty

Ye Mariners All performed by Crannog from the album In Your Own Dreams

The Girl I Left Behind Me performed by DeCantus from the album Tonight We'll Merry Bee

Whiskey in Jar performed by Pirates Inc from the album Drunk and Disorderly

Athena Sofia performed by Masala Fusion from the album Primero

Fast Clog- Old Hen by Friends of Tradition from Dance! performed by Friends of Tradition from the album Dance!

Sarah, Sarah performed by Iris and Rose from the album The Crass Menagerie

Hills of Connemara performed by Blackjacks n' Blarney from the album Bite Size

Jilli Barleycorn performed by Dragon of Wortley from the album Silver in the Coffer

Road to Lisdoonvarna performed by Far From Home from the album Why Not

Parting Glass performed by Jack Salt and the Captain's Daughter from the album Bring Us a Barrel


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