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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Oct 3, 2023

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Patrons of the Podcast

Happy To Be Coloring Pages

The Ren List

Tom of Bedlam performed by Bedlam from the album Angels

Dark Lady performed by The Shantyman (Gregg Csikos) from the album Pirate's Life

Broom of Cowdeknowes performed by Kevin Tyler from the album Songs of the Savage

Spirit Hovedel (Trad. Welsh) performed by Leah Jorgensen from the album Peace - Love - Harp

Wild Rover Blues performed by Cross Rogues from the album The Obligatory Self-Titled Debut

Two Magicians performed by Off Keel from the album Running At A Slant

Rosen De Beau performed by Bret Blackshear from the album Fingers, Frets and Fire

I'll Tell My Ma performed by Belles of Bedlam from the album Folked Up!

Come By The Hills performed by Zoe Alexander from the album Bardsong
Carnivalito , Ramis performed by Owain Phyfe from the album Lagrimas de Sangria

Hard Times Come Again No More performed by Curtis & Loretta from the album Just My Heart For You

The Merry Blacksmith / Lilac Reel performed by Calliope House from the album Within the Fire

The Effects of Whisky performed by Ed Miller from the album Lolander

The Leprechaun performed by Maidens III from the album Charm & Fire

Whisky in the Jar performed by Keelhaul from the album A Maritime Tradition

Man You Don't Meet Every Day performed by The Fisticuffs from the album Bruised but not Beaten

Planxty Irwin performed by John C. Wiseman from the album Simply Entitled

The Journey performed by Rovers Way from the album The Journey

Best Damn Life performed by Rovers Way from the album The Journey

Fishy Mermaid performed by Mallory & McCall from the album Kings of the Sea
Forty Shades Of Green performed by Molly and the Tinker from the album Pour Us Another One

Little Beggarman performed by Muses from the album The Muses - Live!

The Whistling Gypsy performed by Mistress Bawd from the album Give Back My Bordello

Wild Mountain Thyme performed by Celtic Stone from the album Digital Flashback

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