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Renaissance Festival Podcast

May 11, 2023


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise


On Powdered Wings performed by Djilia Phralengo from the album Oracle

Call Of Spring performed by Maidens IV from the album Emerald Fire

Gran'ther and the Leprechaun performed by Siler and Clarc from the album A Little Longer

Whiskey in the Jar. performed by Wild Mountain Thyme from the album There Can Only Be One

Last Princess Of Wales performed by Bard of the South from the album The Minstrel Boy

Bedlam Boys performed by In Our Cups from the album Foolish Pleasure

Solveigs Song performed by Jenneth Tollin from the album The Bardic Wyrd

The Fallen Cavalier performed by Beerside Scoundrels from the album Duel!

She's Our Queen performed by The Minstrels of Mayhem from the album Live at My Dear Mother's Pub

The Pub Song For Those Who Can't Drink performed by Melody Baird from the album Witch Of The Westmoreland

Maying Song performed by Jack Montgomery from the album Everywhere I Look

QuarterGirl performed by Clandestine from the album Red

Cossack Folk Song performed by Owain Phyfe and the New World Renaissance Band from the album Tales From The Vineyard

Crazy Man Michael performed by Minstrel Wood from the album Driftwoode

Rosin the Bow performed by Seperated at Birth from the album Separated at Birth the re^reunion tour 13th aniversarry re-release

The Parting Glass performed by Limey Birds from the album

Dragon for Sale performed by Bramblebush from the album Songs from the Glade

Wraggle Taggle Gypsies performed by Howl-O from the album Where Legend Remains

I Wish They'd Do it Now performed by Gallowglass Irish Trio from the album All the Best

Drunken Sailor performed by Kerridwynn from the album Castleton's Best

Dagger of the Moon performed by Emerald Rose from the album Archives of Ages to Come

Parting Glass performed by Laughing Hearts from the album Laughing Hearts Live!


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