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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Aug 8, 2023


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

Bogie's Bonnie Belle performed by Coeur De Lion from the album Coeur De Lion

Robin Hood performed by Retha Ferrell from the album Unreleased Cd

Old Woman From Wexford performed by Phillip Hole from the album The Singing Gravedigger

Dark Lady performed by Lark the Harper from the album Soothing Sounds For Shattered Psyches

Rose and the Lindsey performed by Barrowburn from the album Barrowburn

Cruel Sister performed by Counterfeit Bards from the album Bard from this Hall

Roxanna of Illyria performed by E Muzeki from the album E Muzeki

Hungarian Dance No. 1 performed by Owl Morrisson from the album Sister Viola

The Water Is Wide performed by Rosewood Guild from the album Forever And A Day

Hare's Lament performed by Half Pint from the album Fair and Tender Ladies

Athenrie performed by The Nightingales from the album Stone Bridges

A Sailor's Prayer performed by Minstrosity from the album Why Am I Not Surprised?

Le Hoboesque performed by Circled_by_Hounds from the album Chasing Our Tales

Spanish Ladies performed by Kerridwynn from the album Memories In Thyme

Shepherd's Hey performed by Nightin Gael from the album First Flight

Land of The Midnight Sun performed by Siren's Song from the album Starlight And Shadow

The Scottish Song performed by O' Carolan's Daughters from the album O'Carolan's Daughters: Having Fun

Do It All Again performed by Langer's Ball from the album Hold Tight

Place to Lay My Head performed by Langer's Ball from the album Hold Tight

Fields of Athenry.mp3 performed by The Hooligans from the album In Cider

The Mermaid performed by Rum Runners from the album Got Rum?

The Mermaid's Song  performed by Harpnotic from the album Harpnotic

Phil the Fluther's Ball performed by Jed Marum from the album The Soul of a Wanderer

The Parting Glass In 3-Part Harmony performed by The Interpreters from the album Be Gentle


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