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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Jun 22, 2024

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren List

Happy To Be Coloring Pages


The Patrons of the Podcast

When I Was A Young Maid performed by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman from the album Choice Fare

Roll the Old Chariot Along[2] performed by Jim Hancock from the album Rolling Home

The Woodcutter's Song(Trad) performed by Maggie and the Tinker from the album Huh?

Parting Glass[16] performed by Donal Hinely from the album Glass Stories

Itches in Me Britches[1] performed by Better Than Nun from the album #NunLyfe

A Capitol Ship performed by Bounding Main from the album Lost at Sea - Sea Shanties and Nautical Ballads

Old Dun Cow[1] performed by Axel the Sot from the album Bottled Up!

All for Me Grog [22] performed by Limey Birds from the album Tweet

Mingulay Boat Song[5] performed by Bounding Main from the album Fish Out of Water

Skillywidden[2] performed by Cantiga from the album A Timeless Journey

Epiphany performed by Vince Conaway from the album Dulce Melos

Fires At Midnight performed by Blackmore's Night from the album Fires At Midnight

The Fox[5] performed by James Cedrick Hazlerig from the album Cedric's Overmode

Johnny Jump Up[45] performed by The Captain and Malarky from the album Singles[1]

Blackthorn performed by Music the Gathering from the album LVL 1

Two Magicians[3] performed by Empty Hats from the album Released

Smaug the Magic Dragon  performed by Merry Mischief from the album Singles[9]

Hobbit Drinking Song performed by Merry Mischief from the album Singles[9]

What Do You Do With A Drunken Hobbit performed by Merry Mischief from the album Singles[9]

Goddess Within[2] performed by Counterfeit Bards from the album Bard from This Hall

The Cat Came Back[1] performed by Flying Fish Sailors from the album Loch Ness Monster

Big Jigs[2] performed by Tartanic from the album Unmistakeable

Irish Blessing[5] performed by Wild Mountain Thyme from the album There Can Only Be One

Health to the Company[9] performed by Brobdignagian Bards from the album A Faire To Remember

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