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Renaissance Festival Podcast

Feb 17, 2022


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise 

Do You Love an Apple performed by A Minstrel Meets a Harper from the album A Minstrel Meets A Harper

Katy Cruel performed by Abby Green from the album Why Should I

Laydies Bryng Your Flowers Faire performed by Alexander James Adams from the album Harvest Season Second Cutting

Barrett's Privateers performed by Angus McHugh, Scottish Pirate from the album X Marks the Spot

She Moved Through the Faire performed by April Knight from the album Allons Y Time Traveler's Tunes

Pint of Reverence performed by Arabesque from the album A Turk in Galway
Unknown Website

Suil Aruin performed by Merry Wives of Windsor from the album Happy Endings

Brobdingnagian Love Song performed by Brobdignagian Bards from the album Songs of the Muse

Whiskey & Weed performed by Barleyjuice from the album This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

John Barleycorn performed by Barbar 'O 'Rhum from the album Toutes les Routes Mènent au Rhum

Skyboat Song performed by Bell Book & Canto from the album High Seananigans

All for Me Grog performed by The Bilge Pumps from the album Greatest Hits Vol. VIII

Saucy Sailor performed by Blackjacks n' Blarney from the album Bite Size

Johnny Jump Up performed by Blame Not the Bard from the album Soundcheck

Black Velvet Band performed by Bocca Musica from the album Finally Legal (Live)

Under the Drawbridge performed by Boogie Knights from the album Hysterically Inaccurate

Haule Away Joe performed by Boom Pirates from the album Prepare To Be Boarded

What's Not to Like performed by Brian Tinker Leo from the album Down That Road

Hobbit Walking Song performed by Broceliande from the album The Starlit Jewel

Go Merrily Instrumental performed by Burly Minstrels from the album Go Merrily

The Soup Mages performed by Battlelegs from the album The Soup Mages
Unknown website

Bonny Portmore performed by Bardmageddon from the album Crows & Kings


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